Rotationally Molded Products

Granger ISS Storm Shelter, Tornado Shelter, Granger ISS, Rotomolded Tornado Shelter
Granger ISS In-ground Safety Shelter
Provide near absolute tornado & storm protection for your family with America's leading Tornado Shelter innovation, The Granger ISS.
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Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution, Rotomolded Beach Erosion Solution
Proven natural effective solution for protecting and re-nourishing beaches. Sandsaver works by breaking wave energy down and slowing the retreat of sand.
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Aerospace Air Cargo Containers, ULD Containers, Rotomolded Air Cargo Containers
Air Cargo Containers
ULD Containers

Reduce Air Cargo Container maintenance costs with the durable ULD Containers by Granger Aerospace Products. With lighter tare weights and reduced maintenance, Granger's ULDs make a direct positive impact to your fleet's bottom line!
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Granger Plastics Intermediate Bulk Containers 330 400 Gallons, Rotomolded IBC Containers
Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • 330 Gallon IBC Containers
  • 400 Gallon IBC Containers

  • Durable, re-usable Intermediate Bulk Containers offered in 330 and 400 gallon capacities, offered in both 33 and 45 degree hopper bottoms for both dry and liquid materials.
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    Avenger 275 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers, All Plastic IBC, Rotomolded IBC
    275 Gallon Avenger
    275 Gallon IBC

    Designed to hold and move materials with a specific gravity of 2.5, the Avenger features a durable 5/8" wall thickness for your intermediate bulk container needs!
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    Laundry Carts, Linen Carts, Rotomolded Carts
    Laundry Carts
    Recycling Carts

    Offering a variety of material handling carts, including 16 Bushel Carts, 20 Bushel Carts and 16 Cubic Foot Carts, Granger Plastics laundry carts offer durable material handling solutions.
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    Bulk Storage Container, Rotomolded Bulk Storage Container
    Bulk Storage Container
    Material Handling Shipping Containers

    Offered in Food Grade and 100% Recycled materials, Granger's Bulk Storage Containers offer warehousing solutions! Durable, re-usable bulk storage containers can be used to replace disposable cardboard boxes and can be stacked when loaded with a lid.
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    Rotomolded Tanks, Rotationally Molded Tanks, Poly Tanks
    Plastic Tanks
    Custom Poly Tanks

    From less than 1 gallon up to over 5,000 gallons, Granger Plastics can provide high quality Custom Poly Tanks to meet your OEM specifications.
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    Plastic Pallets, Poly Pallets, Durable Pallets
    Plastic Pallets
    Custom Plastic Pallets

    Custom Rotationally Molded plastic pallets offer durable, re-usable material handling solutions. With Granger's leading designs & engineering, now you can work with a rotational molding leader for plastic pallet solutions!
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    Truck Shipping Container, Small Package Containers, Rotomolded Shipping Container
    Truck Shipping Containers
    Reduce damaged and lost freight claims with the Truck Shipping Containers by Granger Plastics. Maximize utilization of freight space and minimize material handling with Granger's Truck Containers!
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    Poker Table, 7 Sided Poker Table, Lucky 7 Poker Table, Rotomolded Poker Table
    Poker Tables
    Take your poker game to the next level with the Lucky 7, Seven Sided Poker Table from Granger! Offered in a multitude of colors and looks to match your game room or favorite team colors!
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    Cremation Urns, Burial Urns, Rotomolded Urns
    Cremation Urns
    Burial Urns

    Offer a secure, theft deterrent resting place for the cremains of your loved one with a water-tight burial urn by Granger Plastics.
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    Cemetery Flower Vases, Cemetery Vases, Rotomolded Cemetery Vase
    Cemetery Flower Vases
    Cemetery Vases

    Cemetery Theft is an awful crime, growing at explosive rates, bring flowers forever with beautiful, theft deterrent cemetery flower vases by ForeverSafe.
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    Weight-Mate, All Weather Traction Device, Tractionn for Pick Up Trucks
    All Weather Traction Device

    Add weight directly over the rear axle of your pick-up truck with weight-mates! The durable, multi-year all-weather traction solution for most trucks!
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    Water-Mates, Pick Up Truck Tanks
    Gain traction and haul drinking water with you on your next camping trip with Water-Mates by Granger Plastics!
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    Tank Lining, PE Pipe Lining
    Tank Lining
    Plastic Tank Lining
    Pipe Linings

    Custom PE lining services for tanks, pipes, fittings and other metal based products that require PE tank lining services.
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    Aquaponics System
    Vertical Gardening

    Organic and clean food trends have helped grow aquaponics- growing fruits & vegetables symbiotically while raising aquatic animals, such as fish, snails, etc. to record levels recently.
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    Rotationally Molded Defense Products, Rotomolded Defense Projects
    Defense Products
    National Security

    Granger is a high quality rotomolding supplier, providing quality solutions for a number of DoD contractors, OEMs and other National Security related projects.
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    Waste Management
    Waste Management
    Providing high quality rotationally molded waste management solutions ranging from high end waste receptacles, custom poly dumpsters and more!
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    Rotomolding food applications
    Food & Medical Applications
    Providing food manufacturing and processing solutions for some of the biggest names on your kitchen table to some of the medical industry's finest, Granger Provides rotomolded solutions for the Food & Medical industries.
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    Curb Drain, Drain Thru Curb, Rotomolded Curb Drain
    Curb Drains

    Attractive curb drain alternatives for under the sidewalk drains by Granger Plastics.
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    Rotationally Molded Furniture, Rotomolded Furniture, Plastic Furniture, School Furniture, Classroom Furniture
    Plastic Furniture
    Rotomolded Furniture

    Providing durable, aesthetic rotationally molded furniture for classrooms, libraries, day cares and correctional institutions!
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