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Rotomolded Defense Products

The ability to produce high quality Rotationally Molded Defense products is a testament to Granger Plastics high quality manufacturing. For a company to successfully produce a wide variety of defense products, the company must be detail oriented, quality minded while providing solutions that exceed defense and safety standards. With defense applications, there is no time or room for failures in the field or for products or components to not operate properly. In some instances, the failure of a defense product could mean the difference between success and failure or maybe even life and death.

Being an internationally recognized, quality minded Rotational Molding Supplier, like Granger Plastics, Granger not only holds a TSO C90d certification from the FAA for its highly regarded LD 3 ULD Containers, Granger also holds a CAGE Code, which is a Commercial And Government Entity Code uniquely identifying suppliers to governmental or defense agencies.

Defense & Aerospace Solutions

With the recent addition of Granger Aerospace Products to better cater to its growing base of Aerospace customers, Granger offers design, mold & tool building along with high quality production for Government Defense agencies along with defense contractors as well. Whether in space or on the ground, Granger can provide high quality Rotomolded solutions to fit a broad spectrum of requirements.

Ranging from Bunkers, cases, containers, buoys, barricades, covers, shipping containers, tanks and so much more, Granger Plastics Company can offer you a high quality, rotationally molded defense solution. Contact Granger Plastics today to learn more!


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Custom Rotationally Molded Case for Defense Applications
20 Bushel Carts, 20 Bushel Laundry Carts, 20 Bushel Recycling Carts, 20 Bushel Hospital Carts, 20 Bushel Hotel Carts
Rotomolded Bunker, Defense Bunker, Plastic Bunker, DoD Defense Bunker
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ULD Containers, Air Cargo Containers, LD 2 Containers, LD 3 Containers, LD 8 Containers

Defense Barricade, Urban Terrorism Bunker, Rotomolded Barricade, Rotationally molded Urban Terrorism Bunker
Rotomolded Bulk Storage Containers, Rotationally Molded Bulk Storage Containers, Rotomoulded Bulk Storage Containers, Rotationall Moulded Defense Bulk Storage Containers, Rotomolded Shipping COntainers, Rotomoulded Shiping Contaienrs
Defense Cover, Cover for Defense Weapons, Missle Cover, Weapons Cover, Rotomolded Missle Cover, Rotationally Molded Defense Cover, Rotomolded Weapons Cover
Defense Bunker, Army Bunker, Military Bunker, Rotomolded Defense Product, Rotationally Molded Defense Product

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