Waste Management
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Waste Management

Waste management products are a vital part of our growing societies and cultures. People all across the globe are taking a more environmentally friendly approach to their careers and day to day activities. Many are looking to reduce carbon footprints, reduce disposable waste and grow recycling efforts. Granger Plastics Company rotomolds a number of custom waste management solutions for a variety of industry and industrial uses!

Granger Plastics provides a number of custom waste management solutions for commercial entities, cities, municipalities, recycling facilities, metal scrapping facilities and so much more. From Trash Liners with revenue generating advertising panels or cubic yard dumpsters, Granger Plastics has the custom rotational molding capabilities to exceed your expectations!

Granger molds thousands of different custom rotationally molded products for a growing number of industry leaders. Granger is an integral solutions provider for a vast range of companies that include waste management leaders. While Granger touts capabilities that are a far stretch to the common rotational molding company, Granger can also assist in the design and development of your complete waste management solution. Granger also features the capabilities to mold intricate rotationally molded products, complex fittings and inserts, foam filling or even molding extremely heavy wall, complex products. Granger Plastics even builds molds for rotational molding, provides secondary trim & assembly services, along with packaging and more! The Granger Plastics Company is your true partner for your rotational molding needs!

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Recycling Cart used in Aluminum Can Recycling Operations

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Custom Rotationally Molded Tank, Custom Rotomolded Tank, Custom Molded Tank, Custom Plastic Tank, Custom Polymer Tanks

Custom Rotomolded Tanks, Rotationally Molded Tanks, Custom Poly Tanks, Custom Plastic Tanks, Custom Tanks, Custom Molded Tanks
7 Sided Poker Table, Seven Sided Poker Table, Plastic Poker Table, Granger Poker Table, 7 Sided Game Table, Rotational Molding Poker Table, Rotationally Molded Poker Table
Custom Plastic Tanks, Custom Poly Tanks, Custom Rotomoulded Tanks, Custom Rotationally Molded tanks, Custom Molded Tanks, Custom Tanks
Custom Tanks, Custom Rotomolded Tanks, Custom Rotationally Molded Tanks, Custom Rotomoulding Tanks

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